With increasing urbanization of our communities, we are continuously seeking new ways to provide outdoor spaces and activities for the residents. Outdoor exercise is an option that for many seems ideal.

Outdoor Gyms are capable of serving a diverse range of users, contributing to the overall health of the community, providing such benefits as:

• Providing a free social outlet for exercise, a much needed resource in underserved communities
• Combatting obesity through well-rounded workout opportunities that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and fitness levels throughout the community
• Offering free exercise equipment will enable those in the area who do not have the money for a gym membership to exercise. Free exercise equipment is also an ideal way of encouraging those who have never worked out before to give it a go. Outdoor gym equipment is designed to be simple and easy to use so that it won’t result in injury even without a personal trainer on hand, meaning that it provides a risk-free way for people to exercise.
• Outdoor Fitness Gyms located within sight lines of a playground promote active behavior in adult family members, increasing the time spent at the playground, which can help develop a lifelong fitness mindset in children
• Promoting a sense of pride within neighborhoods where Outdoor Fitness Gyms are located
• Outdoor gym equipment is a great way for parents to encourage their children to exercise. Even if children are too young to use the equipment themselves seeing adults working out in an environment that they are familiar with helps to make this seem like a natural part of daily life. As well as this, outdoor gym equipment in the area is an ideal way for families with older children to get out and exercise together.